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GoldenEnviro specializes in a combination of in-situ technologies for soil, ground and surface water. All remediation programs are eco-friendly. Soil and water contamination caused by oil, gasoline (hydrocarbons) and other industrial pollutants such as TCE's are contained and remediated according to The new standards outlined by the Ministry of the Environment.

Wherever possible, Golden Environmental uses natural microbial applications to remediate contaminated sites. Combinations of chemical oxidants, microbiological blends and process technology are used together when microbial applications alone are insufficient to remediate the site.

With experienced crews trained in applied microbiology restoration and containment procedures, we offer a complete environmental restoration and repair service including soil removal and replacement, site cleanup and debris removal. We also offer emergency recovery services for water and land spills with vacuum trucks, booms and skimmers.

From start to finish, GoldenEnviro has the skill and technology to remediate soil and water. Our methods are eco-friendly, cost effective and on the cutting edge of today’s microbe application and chemical oxidation remediation technologies.Golden Environmental is licensed by the M.O.E. (Mobile C of A #7075-7AMJ6E) and all microbes have been registered and approved for use across Canada.

GoldenEnviro carries Workman’s Compensation and Liability coverage including Environmental Bio-remediation. Golden was established in 1969 and has served the insurance industry for over 30 years. Our fully qualified staff has both academic and field experience ensuring quality control for a successful in-situ remediation program that will meet the new regulations which came into effect July 2011.

Recently GoldenEnviro was requested to remediate bedrock in-situ, please see the chemical oxidation tab for a detailed description of this milestone was accomplished.

We now offer the latest MIP, High Definition Deliniation system.

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